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The Onewalmart GTA portal is your employees’ global time and attendance (GTA) portal. This portal makes it very easy for Walmart employees to check in and out. On the Onewalmart GTA portal, your timestamp information is stored at Walmart Central at check-in or check-out. Walmart can access its employees’ attendance information.


GTA Portal closely monitored the data to find out the exact hours of the employees and whether the employee logged in. If the employee has a genuine reason for not being successful in GTA Walmart when logging into the GTA Walmart Portal, the employee should contact Walmart to correct the errors.

Walmart GTA Portal has many outstanding features to easily manage remote workers, as it offers asynchronous synchronization with other systems to speed up processing. It provides detailed information on employee data, such as hours worked and attendance, to determine if trends need to be investigated.

Onewalmart GTA Customer Service

Our provider provided you with the Walmart GTA portal contact information below so that you can easily resolve all your challenges and issues as soon as possible by contacting the company’s technical support. Choose the correct method from the following list of options without hesitation.


  • We can be reached by phone at, 800421-1362
  • 800421-1362. Our field service number is 479-273-4357. (For us)
  • A login webpage for the Walmart GTA portal:
  • Visit the Walmart official website at

That’s all by logging into the Walmart GTA portal at We share everything about Walmart One GTA Portal, as well as the benefits of Walmart One Wire GTA Portal, a Walmart GTA Portal login guide, how to reset Walmart Wire GTA Portal password, and more. If you need help or have any questions, you can ask us through the comments section.